Wiegand to USB Converter

Product Description

The W2USB model is part of the W2X family of bidirectional wiegand converters developed to interconnect security equipments. The W2X family have a autodetection feature allowing the connection to any standard controller or reader without any previous configuration or setup procedure, this feature speeds up the installation process. With the anodized aluminium enclosure these units are the most robust on the market.

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General Characteristics

W2USB's automatically configuration feature will speed up the installation process and readiness of the overall system. This converter supports a wide range of Wiegand formats, from 6 to 96 bits long, allowing the connection to any reader or controller on the market. It’s possible to control the LED and Beep signals through the W2USB's general purpose I/O ports (GPIOs). The tamper port (TMPR) is used to monitor tamper signal from readers or controllers, or it can be reconfigured to a general purpose I/O port.

Main Features

  • Bidirectional converter;
  • Autodetect Wiegand device (Controller/Reader);
  • Support Wiegand formats from 6 to 96 bits;
  • Up to 3 general purpose I/O ports;
  • Anodized aluminium enclosure.
Technical DocumentsENPT
Brief Datasheet
Binary Output Format Calculator


Software Examples
Configuration Software (Beta)
Configure converter to output BadgeID only

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